Business Advisory

Strategic Partnerships for Future Wealth

At RTA, we steer your business through its lifecycle with strategic insights and tailor-made solutions that promise growth, stability, and maturity. Our advisory team ensures that every decision is timely, informed, and aligned with your business objectives.

Our Advisory Services

We focus on getting you results

Business Value Enhancement

Unlock the full potential of your business with RTA’s targeted strategies designed for value enhancement. We are dedicated to not only preserving your wealth but also significantly increasing it through

Efficient Processes

We help you streamline your operations to boost efficiency which is crucial for achieving scalability and sustainability.

Increased Profitability

Implement measures that directly contribute to a healthier bottom line, turning increased revenues into real profits.

Improved Cash Flow

Apply expert strategies to ensure that your business maintains positive cash flow, enabling you to reinvest in growth and seize new opportunities.

Enhanced Growth

We provide you with the tools and insights necessary to propel your business forward, ensuring that growth is both manageable and profitable.

Value Extraction

Identify and leverage opportunities within your business to maximise the value extracted from every function and investment. Our approach is designed to increase both your operating performance and the business multiplier, thereby exponentially growing the value of your enterprise. We measure success not just by numbers but by the tangible growth we foster in every aspect of your business.

Advisory Services Enhancement

RTA’s advisory services are tailored to navigate the complexities of business growth and optimisation. We deliver a holistic suite of services that supports your journey from inception to peak performance.

Seven Steps to Enhance Your Business


Start with a clear valuation to understand your business's worth
Step 01


Focus on key drivers that boost profitability and mitigate risk.
Step 02


Uncover and define the untapped potential within your enterprise.
Step 03


Streamline processes to achieve results and simplify complexities.
Step 04


Identify and utilise the full potential of your team’s talent.
Step 05


Fine-tune your business structure and equity arrangements for optimal performance.
Step 06


Reach your wealth-building goals, whether it’s growth, exiting, or selling.
Step 07

The RTA Advantage

Benefit from partnering with our expert team

Tailored Solutions & Tax Planning

Our bespoke plans ensure efficient cash flow management, tax planning, and tailored solutions to save money and secure your financial future.

Comprehensive Service Offering:

From tax submissions to business development meetings, our comprehensive service offering is designed to cater to the needs of startups to well-established businesses.

Alize Hough on Xero

Alize Hough, our Head of Business Processes and Systems Architect, endorses Xero for its simplicity, security, and connectivity to a vast ecosystem of apps, making it the smart choice for businesses.