Summer Investment Guide for South Africans

As summer’s warmth starts to surround us, and we progress to the end of the financial year, it’s a golden opportunity to rejuvenate your financial and investment strategies. This season brings the opportunity to explore diverse investment opportunities within the South African market. RTA is your partner on this journey, offering a variety of investment options tailored for you.

Harnessing Potential in Investments

Take the opportunity to review and amplify your investment portfolio. Whether it’s fine-tuning your savings approach, venturing into new investment realms, or future-proofing your finances, RTA’s wealth management services are uniquely positioned to match your financial goals.

Opportunities with Investec

In collaboration with Investec, we also offer a range of cash and savings solutions in addition to our tailor-made investment offerings. These opportunities are not just about growing your wealth; they’re about aligning your financial decisions with your life’s ambitions and the rhythms of the season you’re in. Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager Accounts present an extraordinary opportunity for both individuals and businesses. Whether you’re preparing for a significant life event, seeking innovative ways to enhance business returns, or simply setting aside funds for future uncertainties, these offerings provide a robust foundation for your financial growth. Embarking on a prosperous financial journey has never been more accessible.

Key Advantages of Choosing Investec:

Competitive Edge: Benefit from market-leading interest rates, ensuring your money achieves its maximum potential.

Safety and Security: Your principal amount is safeguarded, guaranteeing capital preservation.

Transparent Fees: Experience clarity with no hidden monthly fees, only a modest administrative fee on the interest earned.

Liquidity at Your Fingertips: Access your funds whenever the need arises, without any hassle.

Essential Estate Planning

Estate planning is a crucial part of reviewing your finances before the new year and ensuring your assets are managed and designated according to your wishes. Our specialist team is here to help you navigate through estate planning complexities, assuring the safeguarding of your wealth.

Let Your Investments Grow

With RTA’s all-encompassing wealth management solutions, you’re prepared to strengthen and safeguard your financial future.

Speak to our experts and review your financial strategies below: