Wealth Management

Make Your Money Work Smarter for a Prosperous Future

At RTA, we understand that wealth isn’t just about the money – it’s about what the money can do for you, your family, and your future. From the first steps of wealth creation to the intricate strategies of wealth preservation, our services are tailored to your unique journey. We combine personalized financial planning with dynamic wealth solutions to ensure your peace of mind through every life stage.

Additional Services

Enhance your financial security with our extended services

Medical Schemes and Gapcover

Customised health insurance solutions to shield you from unexpected medical expenses.

Investment Advice

Personalised consulting to optimise your investment strategies for saving and wealth preservation.

Personal and Business Life Insurance

Comprehensive coverage that offers peace of mind for every scenario.

Offshore Investing

Broaden your investment horizons with our prudent offshore investment strategies.

Personal Short-Term Insurance

Protect your valuable personal assets against life's uncertainties.

Our Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to wealth management. By integrating personal income tax services, budgeting, and Will drafting into your financial plan, we ensure a robust strategy that aligns with your life goals.

Our Commitment

At RTA, we’re dedicated to fostering a culture of smart saving and wealth creation. We stand for simplified, transparent, and cost-effective solutions that are as unique as you are. Our commitment is to your long-term prosperity, providing a clear path to achieving your dreams, and offering the peace of mind that comes from well-researched retirement and risk management solutions.